PRP Therapy in Manchester

PRP Therapy in ManchesterPRP therapy in Manchester is good news for tired, ageing skin and treatments are available at Epilight. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is from your own blood supply. Your skin cells slow their rate of replacement as you age resulting in tired looking skin and fine lines. We take a bit of your own blood, separate out the plasma and using mesotherapy, inject the concentrated nutrient rich plasma into the troubled areas of your skin. The process accelerates cell replacement which stimulates your body’s production of keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid necessary for youthful looking skin. Movie stars and models are raving about this therapy. You might hear it referred to as The Vampire Facelift but the important thing is it works.

PRP therapy works alone and is a safe, effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. In Manchester, PRP therapy is also used by our Epilight technicians in conjunction with other treatments. For instance, when we perform laser skin resurfacing the skin is red and irritated but when we add PRP therapy, there is less discomfort and the skin heals more quickly. Mesotherapy is a custom designed for the individual skin vitamin treatment which is also used with PRP. At Epilight we use a variety of skin therapies to address ageing, sagging, troubled skin.  PRP is a part of the specially designed combination of treatments which work together for radically improved skin that is bright and youthful.

PRP therapy in Manchester administered by our skilled cosmetic physicians and technicians is safe as are all our therapy treatments. We welcome new technology but only after it’s proven safe and effective. Your personal well-being and the confidence gained by looking your youthful best has been our commitment for over 20 years. Contact Epilight and make an appointment for a consultation with one of our specialists. Your treatment programme will be customized to meet your needs. PRP therapy is proven beneficial alone and with other skin rejuvenation therapies. Likely it will enhance your comfort and results. Your medical care will be delivered by skilled technicians that hold to the highest standards of care.

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