PRP Therapy in St Helens

PRP Therapy in St HelensPRP therapy in St Helens is excellent for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in skin showing age and sun damage. PRP stands for “Plasma Rich Platelets”. Platelets are little round bits of cells in our blood that contain growth factor proteins that promote healing.  Carried by plasma to an injury site, they work hard to advance natural healing. PRP therapy is safe and effective when used by our therapists. We separate out the platelets from your own blood and inject them into the damaged area. Now, there is a concentrated number of platelets working to bring about healing to an area resulting in shorter recovery time. Wrinkle and skin sags result when cell regeneration slows due to ageing. PRP therapy injected into the middle layer of skin increases the regeneration rate of cells leading to younger looking skin. 

When someone suffers an injury, healing platelets hurry to the site to promote the healing process. Sometimes in St Helens, PRP therapy is similar to applying ice to an injury. We want to get the blood coursing to the injury location to hurry along healing and relieve pain. The body knows what it’s doing. However, we can help it along with an injection of thousands more of your own platelets injected directly into the site. When we do that, the regenerated cells plump up to erase sags and wrinkles. It is ideal for many who do not want or need to undergo a surgical face lift, or even laser therapy or skin peel.

PRP Therapy in St Helens promotes healing through cell regeneration but it also has analgesic properties that help ease pain. PRP therapy is, therefore, an ideal accompaniment for those who choose the benefits of skin peels or laser therapy. These therapies require a time of healing before full benefits are realised and they may involve discomfort. PRP therapy may prove  beneficial to hasten healing and limit discomfort. Contact Epilight and make an appointment for a consultation. Together with our therapist you will decide if PRP therapy is the skin treatment you have been searching for. We have been helping people just like you improve the health and beauty of their skin for over 20 years.

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