Acne Scar Treatment in Leeds

Acne Scar Treatment in LeedsEpilight has an acne scar treatment in Leeds that will amaze you. Some of our clients have extensive scarring after their bout with acne while others are left with only a few. As we age and lose collagen, skin sags and acne scars become larger. Many hardly notice the few faint scars during their young years. Once the skin ages they perceive them as unwelcome craters and they want them gone. You may have had acne on all areas of your face. The scars left behind are from those oil and dirt filled lesions deep in the follicle that became infected. Now we have a treatment to restore your smooth skin. Acne scars become less noticeable or disappear and skin regains youthful vitality.

Our acne scar treatment is known as Plexr soft surgery and its availability is great news because it removes scars and so much more. In Leeds, acne scar treatment at Epilight also treats droopy eyelids, those horrible skin tags, smokers lines, and sun damage. The treatment works for men and women without invasive surgery. Listen up new Mums; Plexr soft surgery removes stretch marks and lifts your crinkly belly button. Go ahead, pull that bikini out of storage; you can wear it again. Surprisingly, Plexr soft surgery treats acne before it can leave scars. Everybody can realise smoother, more youthful skin with Plexr soft surgery treatment. Most see improvement right away but the treatment keeps working and improving your skin for a few weeks. You may only need one treatment. 

Plexr soft surgery is a plasma generating acne scar treatment in Leeds that takes about an hour start to finish. After treatment discomfort is minimal with skin tenderness lasting up to five days compared to weeks of recovery from invasive surgery. This is an economical and effective treatment that is completely safe. Contact Epilight today and schedule your free consultation. You will meet your technician; have the procedure explained to you and get your questions answered. This is a very popular treatment used around the world in 3000 medical facilities. It’s available nearby for you at Epilight.

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