CO2 / GAAS Complete Laser Skin Resurfacing in Birkenhead

CO2 / GAAS Complete Laser Skin Resurfacing in BirkenheadCO2 / GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing in Birkenhead is the total skin treatment for which you have been waiting. True to our reputation, we had to bring this technology to our clients as soon as we proved the treatments are safe and effective. The technology uses two technologies combined into one for results not possible before. One laser technology gives quick dramatic results but takes longer to heal. The other technology is safe for most people and requires no down time. However, frequent treatment repetitions are needed and the results less than stellar. The new technology brings the best of both into one laser treatment. Ours was the first clinic in the UK to offer CO2 / GAAS treatments to clients.

Let us tell you what this amazing non-invasive laser treatment can do for your skin. For men and women in Birkenhead, CO2 / GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing results are clear, smooth, youthful skin. It does more to tighten the skin than either of the two technologies could used separately. You’ll see an improvement in lines, wrinkles, large pores and acne scars. This skin resurfacing treatment evens out the pigment of your skin eliminating embarrassing red or dark splotches. Rough patches disappear leaving soft even skin tones. No need to stop at your face. Our skin resurfacing treatment is effective at lifting and renewing the skin of your face, neck and chest area and even other parts of your body.

You are in safe hands for CO2 / GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing in Birkenhead at Epilight. We have a well established reputation for professionalism and our technicians are pleasant and discreet. Our clinic has operated for 20 years, licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Contact Epilight and schedule your free consultation with one of our cosmetic clinicians. Results vary from person to person but we often tell people if they have an hour we can take ten years off their face. Late life Mums being mistaken for Grannies, men who want to see that fresh toned skin after shaving and all of us for whom stress has won too many rounds, come to Epilight for laser skin resurfacing.

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