CO2 GAAS Complete Laser Skin Resurfacing in Wirral

CO2 GAAS Complete Laser Skin Resurfacing in WirralWith CO2 GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing in Wirral, you can take 10 years off your looks in an hour. This amazing new treatment lifts, tightens and renews your face, neck, hands and body. This is the world’s first and only mixed technology CO2 laser treatment. This new combination of lasers for resurfacing skin is easy, safe and effective. It has been designed to perfect your skin in a single treatment and dramatically improves deep wrinkles, fine lines acne scars and more. The gentle yet effective treatment only takes an hour and 5 days after treatment there will be a clear and significant improvement in appearance. The full effect of the treatment will take up to 60 days to take show the final result.

We are proud to be the first clinic in the UK to offer this revolutionary new treatment. In Wirral, CO2 GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing treatment has all the advantages of both these methods of skin rejuvenation. Dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners know the advantages and limitations of ablative and non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing. There is no longer a need to choose between ablative laser treatments and non- ablative laser treatments. Ablative lasers offer faster, dramatic results but are not suitable for all patients due to the long downtimes and a higher risk of pigmented disorders. Non-ablative lasers are more tolerated with no downtime and can be used on almost every patient but there need to be repeated treatments to get only limited results. It allows us to find the right balance between results and downtime.

Look younger and healthier with revolutionary CO2 GAAS complete laser skin resurfacing in Wirral. These two lasers can work separately or together allowing bespoke, tailored skin resurfacing treatments best suited to each individual. Contact Epilight today to arrange an appointment to have your skin rejuvenated. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are passionate about your skin. We aim to bring you a choice of some of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative medical aesthetic treatments. We deliver state of the art, clinically proven solutions for all your skin needs.

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