Facial Redness Treatments in Liverpool

Facial Redness Treatments in LiverpoolWould you like to know more about facial redness treatments in Liverpool? Our trained, experienced, qualified and skilled team at Epilight can give you all the advice and assistance you need. We’re located right in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre, and we have more than two decades’ experience in providing customers with premium-quality medical, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. We combine the best of a local business with the latest trends and technologies from international markets. Our business comes mainly via recommendations from satisfied customers. We believe in providing top-quality, customer-centric services at affordable prices. Whatever the treatment, you can be sure that we suggest exactly the right one, with safety guaranteed.

Rosacea or facial redness affects millions of people, but not many have the right information about it. In Liverpool, facial redness treatments are available from many spas and salons, but not all of them are reliable, safe or affordable. This problem may run in families and appears usually in people in their post-30s. It happens to people who flush or blush easily and may start off very gradually. It can affect the skin, nose and eyes, causing discomfort and distress if left untreated. Generally, it is found in certain ethnic groups like those of Irish, Welsh, Scandinavian and East European descent. Stress and sun exposure make it worse, while alcohol, spicy foods and cosmetics can cause flare-ups. There are several medical and aesthetic approaches. First-line treatments involve topical antibiotics, and oral prescriptions. Doctors may prescribe azelaic/retinoic acid based creams, or Vitamin C based preparations.

We use laser and light facial redness treatments in Liverpool to address this condition. These treatments give you a smooth, even, more youthful looking skin. If you pursue an active social and corporate life, this arms you with the confidence and sense of self-esteem you need. These treatments tackle the problem using a multi-disciplinary approach and each treatment package is specially created for individual clients. These are based on skin type, extent and nature of damage, your age and life style. For more information about our facial redness treatments, contact Epilight.  We conduct a thorough testing procedure before recommending any of our treatments.

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