Skin Pigmentation Treatments in Chester

Skin Pigmentation Treatments in ChesterRestore your skin to a smooth even appearance with skin pigmentation treatments in Chester, at Epilight. We can see the damage done to our skin by age and sun exposure leaving dark age spots. The most noticeable area of course is our face. The right lighting and a good foundation may be your temporary standby but it won’t hold up to the light of day. It would be better to just eliminate the age spots and even out our skin pigmentation. So when we were alerted to new technology that could accomplish that feat, we knew we wanted it for our c

A world leader in cosmetic laser treatments, Harmony XL is combined multi-light advanced fluorescence technology (AFT). In Chester, skin pigmentation treatments help reverse the damage almost entirely caused by exposing skin to UV rays. The healthy looking tan of our childhood revisits as adults in the form of erratic skin colouring. Photo-rejuvenation using the new technology allows us to customise the treatment to the specific patient through different wavelengths. It’s a multi-level approach that can be tailored to improve the appearance of age spots and freckles but also other skin imperfections. By changing the settings we can focus on prominent veins, or the red rash of rosacea. Fine lines, acne scars, rough skin and blemishes can all be treated with the same machine using different wavelengths.

Skin pigmentation treatments in Chester using the Harmony XL AFT is safe and non-invasive. Our clients experience a more even skin tone and more youthful skin. The treatments are not painful and there is no down time. Return to work the same day. Any lingering redness will disappear in a day or two. You may need a series of treatments for multiple skin flaws but results will begin to appear after several days and improvement will continue for up to 2 months. Contact Epilight and schedule your free consultation. We can fully explain how the laser treatments work and why they work. You’ll know what to expect and look forward to baring your skin in all its smooth and even glory.

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