Skin Pigmentation Treatments in Liverpool

Skin Pigmentation Treatments in LiverpoolWe offer skin pigmentation treatments in Liverpool to rejuvenate and purify the skin. Do you struggle with acne scars, blotchy complexion, visible veins or sun damage on your skin? Our innovative new combined multi-light advanced fluorescence technology (AFT) photo-rejuvenation is designed to even your skin colour and tone. This multi-level skin therapy approach far surpasses older techniques in its ability to treat a vast range of skin conditions at once, including redness, rosacea, veins, pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars, mottling, uneven or dull complexion, broken capillaries, age spots, birthmarks, dark eye circles and freckles. Light is pulsed over the skin, which converts into heat energy as it reaches the collagen level beneath the surface of the skin. Blemishes respond to the pulsed light and reduce, while the heat stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells.

If you want bright, smooth luminous skin in Liverpool, skin pigmentation treatments at Epilight can help you achieve this. Called the age-rewinding technique, our unique multi-level treatment uses different wavelengths and lasers specific to your needs. We are able to completely tailor the process around your unique skin requirements. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment process that is fast-acting and offers superior results.  We use the latest in modern technology, the Harmony XL, to provide this advanced treatment approach. The treatment is suitable for all ages, as it was designed for anyone wanting a more naturally healthy and youthful look.

Regain your youthful looking skin with skin pigmentation treatments in Liverpool. Skin pigmentation caused by aging or sun damage is usually centred around the face, but we can treat the shoulders, arms, back or any other part of the body that is affected. Contact Epilight for more about our new skin pigmentation treatments or to book a free consultation. With treatments starting at as low as £75, this is a skin solution that you can afford. Our multi-level AFT photo-rejuvenation treatment is guaranteed to give you fresher, brighter, smoother, plumper and more hydrated skin.

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