Skin Rejuvenation in Southport

Skin Rejuvenation in SouthportSkin rejuvenation in Southport is the result of our skin treatments here at Epilight. We have treatments and techniques to improve the health and appearance of many skin conditions and one of those conditions is ageing. You’ve been putting your best face forward for a long time and it’s starting to show the effects of environmental pollutants, lack of sleep, stress and ageing. Ageing is defined as a slowing of cell regeneration and loss of natural collagen that gives us our youthful appearance. You’ll know it’s happening by the uneven skin pigmentation, a loss of your youthful glow and tone, the appearance of lines and just an overall tired look.

Don’t despair because at Epilight we are on the front lines in the battle against premature ageing with all the best weapons. In Southport, skin rejuvenation is accomplished using Harmony; the leading cosmetic laser system. It’s a combined approach utilising advanced fluorescence technology and photo rejuvenation. The result is many skin imperfections are treated using one type of treatment. Uneven skin tones or redness, acne scars, prominent nose veins, dull skin, age spots, dark circles and more. Harmony, in the hands of our skilled technicians, can correct all those skin imperfections. We use different wavelengths to treat different imperfections, therefore, we can adjust and tailor the treatment to focus on your individual skin issues.

Laser skin rejuvenation in Southport is non-invasive, affordable and suitable for all ages, men and women.  The results leave you with younger looking skin that is visibly smoother and an even skin tone. If your skin shows the signs of sun damage, photodynamic therapy promotes the growth of new skin cells. Ageing skin looks brighter, plumper and hydrated instead of dry, dull and saggy. Contact Epilight to schedule your consultation with one of our Harmony Laser Technology technicians. You will know what to expect from your treatment and have all your questions answered. This is a safe and effective treatment to rejuvenate ageing or damaged skin. Each treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes and usually, 4 to 6 treatments are needed to address imperfections. This approach results in no downtime.

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