Ultherapy in Birmingham

Ultherapy in BirminghamFor all who claim to have earned their wrinkles, we counter with Ultherapy in Birmingham. It is highly likely that during your life you have overcome many life obstacles. Certainly, you deserve all the credit and accolades that come your way. However, we draw the line at wrinkles as a reward for a life well lived.  We are firm believers in putting our best face forward under the best and worst circumstances life can throw at us. Our Ultherapy can go a long way in helping you do just that. Forget about painful surgery, weeks of hiding out until the swelling and bruises fade, and a fortune in medical bills and lost wages. Ultherapy is a safe and affordable FDA approved treatment that offers the benefits of a face lift without the risk, pain and expense of a surgical facelift.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound that safely penetrates through skin layers to naturally boost collagen production. In Birmingham, Ultherapy in Birmingham works to tighten sagging skin around the chin, neck brow and even your chest. At the same time, it smooths out those fine lines caused by stress and daily life in our environment. While Ultrasound waves are not a new treatment, having been around 50 years our Ultherapy Amplify 2 is the latest treatment available. Still FDA approved but clinical trials have proven this new therapy is more effective than older techniques. Don’t be fooled by substandard ultrasound therapy offered by some clinics. Ultherapy is the only one proven safe and effective by the FDA and clinical trials over and over again.

We offer only Amplify 2 Ultherapy in Birmingham.  Our clinic has been on the cutting edge of new treatments since our inception twenty years ago. Naturally, we embraced this wonderful non-invasive face lift treatment, trained our technicians as experts in its application and brought it to our clients. If you would prefer to amaze people with your youthful appearance instead of bragging about your right to be saggy and wrinkled, then contact us. We’ll schedule a consultation for you with one of our professionals who will fully explain the treatment and the results you may expect. The war against ageing is ongoing. At Epilight, we have a great many tools at our disposal to help you win your own personal battles.

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