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Laser Tattoo Removal – what is the best method in 2019?

TLDR: Our experience at Epilight New Skin Clinic tells us Pico tattoo removal is the best laser for tattoo removal. What are the benefits of tattoo removal What is […]

New High Powered Lasers: The Gold Standard in Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have had a tattoo which you now regret? Well help is at hand from the Epilight New Skin Clinic. We use the very latest laser tattoo removal technologies, […]

Perfect Skin is Cheaper Than You Think with the Total Skin Perfection Package Including Ultherapy

There is a brand new way to achieve perfect skin and it’s available at Epilight New Skin for less than half price! If you want to wow everyone at […]

Up to 50% Off Laser Tattoo Removal “Best Clinical Practice” at Epilight New Skin Clinic

Tattoos are becoming more prevalent, it seems, especially with young adults. Many regret ‘getting inked’ later on in life and have turned to tattoo removal as a solution. Linda Cunningham […]