Laser Tattoo Removal in Birmingham

Laser Tattoo Removal in BirminghamYou have met the girl of your dreams but you need laser tattoo removal in Birmingham to eliminate the girl from your past. Here at Epilight we understand your dilemma. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now you need it gone. We can do that for you at Epilight. Our lasers are fast and effective because they do what our body can’t. Our immune system eliminates foreign matter unless, like tattoo ink, the particles are too big. Enter the laser which can break the ink into manageable sized particles of which the body can dispose. We know it takes a little of the magic out of the process but it really is just that simple. The magic is in the skill of our experienced technicians.

If you have a coloured tattoo, lasers will still get the job done. In Birmingham, laser tattoo removal will require the use of multiple lasers so no one laser will remove all colours. At Epilight we embrace the latest technology for beautiful skin as soon as it’s proven safe and more effective than a previous treatment. We invest in the latest and the best tools and technicians. We have been in the business of helping our clients achieve and maintain beautiful skin for over twenty years. Our excitement over the new treatments is boundless. For colour tattoo removal we have acquired two of the latest high powered cool chilled lasers for the removal of tattoos. One removes black, white grey and blue ink while the other handles brown, orange, green and purple.

Laser tattoo removal in Birmingham, in the hands of Epilight technicians, is gentle. Each person responds differently so the number of treatments required will vary. Contact Epilight and make an appointment for a free consultation. Once we have met with you, we will be better able to let you know what to expect. Our tattoo removal lasers are the best and effective on all skin types. Men and women utilise our tattoo removal services. No one has to live the balance of their life with a tattoo they no longer want. It will likely cost less for us to remove your tattoo than it cost you get it.

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