Laser Tattoo Removal in Warrington

Laser Tattoo Removal in WarringtonLaser tattoo removal in Warrington is available at Epilight if you no longer want your skin decorated with ink. Tattoos are a work of art. In your youth, you may have opted for a tattoo that was symbolic of your views regarding the world and spirituality. Some people opt for a single tattoo, while others see it as a body decorative form and choose to adorn large sections of their body with tattoo. However as we age and skin begins to lose elasticity, those same tattoos that once seemed so appealing may now feel awkward or even ugly. You may feel the urge to remove immediately. Unlike other forms of body art, a tattoo cannot just be erased with an eraser. It requires special medical procedures.

When it is time to remove your skin art in Warrington, laser tattoo removal is expertly done at Epilight. Our services are applicable for all skin types and tattoos of a wide range of colours. We use a Q Switch Module tattoo removal device. It uses a higher power output than most medical lasers. It delivers twice the amount of power via multiple pulses. The Q Switch module delivers a large number of pulses in a single area, providing in depth penetration for safe, effective and fast tattoo removal. The advantage of using Q Switch is that there is next to no down time and the treatment is far safer and accurate than traditional laser tattoo removal devices. If you have a tattoo that you’d like to have removed, visit our clinic today. Our aesthetician will conduct a private consultation with you to discuss your requirements. She will then provide suggestions about the treatments you will require.

If you’re tired and embarrassed of looking at your tattoos and want them removed, consider laser tattoo removal in Warrington. Contact Epilight today to find out more about our effective laser tattoo removal. Apart from tattoo removal, we also provide lip plumping and reshaping, face and neck lifts, skin rejuvenation and laser leg vein removal.

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