Tattoo Laser Removal in Liverpool

Tattoo Laser Removal in LiverpoolFor a safe and effective method for tattoo laser removal in Liverpool, speak to Epilight New Skin Clinic. Tattoos have become popular with young men and women as an art form and to make a social statement. The once socially frowned on practice has moved from the back streets to high street as acceptance has rapidly grown. Still, it’s good to know going in that if you change your mind later, Epilight is here to remove unwanted tattoos. Not so long ago, the techniques we have for tattoo removal didn’t exist. A tattoo was for life. Up-to-date laser technology and technicians, skilled in their use now provides the option for removal. For twenty years, our clinic has brought  the latest technological cosmetic skin treatments to our clients.

It’s not surprising Epilight has lead the way in medical cosmetic treatments for healthy skin. In Liverpool, tattoo laser removal is one of many successfully proven techniques we offer our clients. The laser removal process requires the use of multiple lasers. We have one laser for the removal of black ink. That will not work on colours so we have additional lasers for the removal of colour.  Tattoos comprise ink drops too large for the body to expel as it would other foreign invaders. That’s why they last forever. The only way to rid your skin of the ink is to break it down into particles small enough for the body to expel. That’s what the laser does.

Tattoo laser removal in Liverpool is not accomplished in one sitting. The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo, the number of colours to be removed and how efficiently your body works to expel the ink particles. Contact Epilight and schedule a consultation with our professional technician. A personal evaluation will give us a better idea of the time frame you can expect for removal. Be aware; there is discomfort involved in laser tattoo removal. Our clients compare the level of discomfort to that of getting a new tattoo. Most of our clients agree the bit of discomfort is worth the final result.

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