Tattoo Laser Removal in St Helens

Tattoo Laser Removal in St HelensNot all mistakes are reversible but at Epilight our tattoo laser removal in St Helens will manage that tattoo. Since skin art is a popular form of expression, there is a need for a safe removal system. For a long time, there was no safe and effective option. We had to accept a tattoo is forever even if we no longer liked it. There was finally success with removing black ink but now we have lasers that will remove black ink and others that remove colours. However, no one laser will remove all colours. To provide comprehensive service to our clients, our salon invested in a full range of lasers that our skilled technicians use to remove every colour.

Tattoos are created by injecting ink under the skin and some tattoo artists create brilliant work. In St Helens, tattoo laser removal is effective because the laser does what the body cannot. The body’s natural response to foreign objects in the body is to reject, break down and eliminate. The ink particles are too large for the body to eliminate so the laser breaks them down to a manageable size and then the body disposes of them. Your body does the work, we just help it along. Our cooled laser treatments are safe, and gentle but be prepared for some discomfort. Usually the discomfort can be compared to that of getting the tattoo.

The number of treatments needed for tattoo laser removal in St Helens will vary by individual. It all depends on the colour, age of the tattoo and how deep the colour goes under the skin. Contact Epilight and schedule a free consultation with one of our professional skin technicians. You’ll find our salon a comfortable environment. During your consultation we will be better able to determine the number and length of your treatments. If you no longer want to show off your tattoo and in fact prefer to hide it, don’t despair. Here at Epilight we have a powerful cool chilled laser to remove your tattoo.

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