Tattoo Laser Removal in St Helens

Tattoo Laser Removal in St HelensPerhaps you need tattoo laser removal in St Helens because nothing lasts forever except maybe tattoos. Now, Epilight can even get rid of those for you. The newest technology, the most effective up to date treatments and the most professional and skilled care is our standard at Epilight. So when a laser treatment that would remove tattoos, both black and colour was presented and proved effective, we were among the first to bring it to our clients. We have been bringing them all the finest treatments to enhance their appearance and maintain youthful looking skin for over two decades. If it’s out there and it is safe and effective, we will have it and the skilled technicians to administer it at Epilight.

Tattoos are a popular form of personal expression, especially among the young. In St Helens, tattoo laser removal treatments mean you can change your mind. Not all tattoo removal systems are equal or equally effective. At Epilight, we have Discovery PICO laser. It’s the fastest, safest and most powerful tattoo removal system in the world. It’s effective on all skin types and all coloured ink. Both men and women rave about the fantastic results. Tattoos last forever because the ink particles used to create the tattoo are too large for the body to expel naturally. The Discovery PICO laser has the power to blast those ink particles to smithereens so the body can eject them, leaving clear skin behind.

When you schedule a tattoo laser removal in St Helens with Epilight we explain the procedure during your consultation and what you can expect from the experience. Because of the tremendous power of the PICO laser, it is in contact with your skin for shorter periods of time which is safer and less irritating to your skin. Complete removal, including ghosting which is the light outline often left behind by other laser treatments, takes about six months with treatments every two weeks or so. Contact Epilight for your free consultation. You will receive more specific information and a personalised plan designed for your skin type, tattoo colours and size. Don’t trust your skin to older, less effective laser tattoo removal systems. If there was a better system than the PICO laser we would already have it.

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