Tattoo Removal in Cheshire

Tattoo Removal in CheshireWhen “Tom & Hanna Forever” becomes history you’ll want tattoo removal in Cheshire. Epilight has never settled for yesterday’s skin care methods when new and better technology is available. We’re the first in line to bring new proven effective and safe methods to our clients and we bring more than 20 years’ experience in our field of special medical cosmetic aesthetics for all skin types. So when the technology for tattoo removal was developed and proven safe and effective, we had to have it. It stands to reason the tremendous rise in the popularity of tattoos would eventually produce a wave of clients second guessing their decision.  Our carefully trained and experienced technicians are here to help you reverse what seemed like a good idea at the time.

We use the latest laser technology for tattoo removal and the degree of success depends on several factors. For those in Cheshire, tattoo removal success factors are skin pigment, size of tattoo, the colours and amount of colour used to create the tattoo. Tattoos are created by injecting colour particles under the skin that are too large and dense to be expelled by the body through your pores. We use the gold standard of lasers to break down those ink particles so the body can naturally expel them. Black ink is the easiest to remove but our lasers are effective for all removable colours. We use additional skin protections so laser tattoo removal leaves your skin in the best condition. Tattoo removal does not happen in one sitting. However, since we invested in the best equipment, our technicians get faster results than you’ll get anywhere else.

We are dedicated to client satisfaction with tattoo removal in Cheshire. Our mission is to restore clients’ confidence with the finest skin care treatments. Treatments are administered by professionals using safe effective products and technology. Call us and schedule a consultation with one of our tattoo removal specialists. You will get all your questions answered. After evaluating your tattoo, our technician will prepare a removal treatment plan and advise you of the time and cost commitment to restore your natural skin to its natural beauty.  The good news is there is a solution. Once upon a time a tattoo was for life. Fortunately that’s no longer true because we have that solution.

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