Tattoo Removal in Chester

Tattoo Removal in ChesterConsider tattoo removal in Chester if you have a tattoo you had enthusiastically done in your youth that you are now embarrassed by. We have all done things when we were younger that we now regret. Perhaps you have a boyfriend’s name or an inappropriate slogan that you want removed. Why not visit Epilight? We offer expert tattoo removal services that will put your mind at ease.

Give us a ring for a free consultation. In Chester, tattoo removal is effectively done using our unique Q-Plus Series, the most powerful, stand alone, tattoo removal system in the world. It combines 3 of the world’s best, state of the art, gold standard lasers for tattoo removal, as well as Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers. This ensures the safe removal of all treatable tattoo colours and pigments. The laser ensures that the ink of the tattoo is broken into smaller particles which allows the body to dispose of them naturally. This is an excellent method, as the particles of ink used for tattoos are too big for the body’s immune system to break down. Our tattoo removal laser helps reduce any skin trauma. It also promotes quicker healing and skin repair than any other laser tattoo removal machine.

The treatments required for tattoo removal in Chester depend on the size of your tattoo. It also depends on the ink used, the colour, the depth and the number of layers of ink which have been tattooed.  For most professional and amateur tattoos, 6-12 treatment sessions at monthly or bi-monthly intervals are required. If you would like to book your first free consultation for tattoo removal, contact Epilight. While the treatment is not considered painful, the skin may feel tender and sensitive after the treatment. A single treatment generally lasts around 5- 40 minutes, and this is dependent on the size of the tattoo. The larger and detailed the tattoo, the longer the treatment is likely to take. Immediately after the tattoo treatment, your tattoo will look frosted or white. Your skin around the treatment area may also be red and a little swollen. This is similar to mild sunburn and will settle after a few days.

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