Laser Tattoo Removal – what is the best method in 2019?

TLDR: Our experience at Epilight New Skin Clinic tells us Pico tattoo removal is the best laser for tattoo removal.

  1. What are the benefits of tattoo removal
  2. What is the best method of tattoo removal
  3. How long does tattoo removal take

We knew fifteen years ago that a proven technique for tattoo removal would have to be developed because getting tattoos was quickly becoming the trend, first for young men, then young women started getting little hidden butterfly tattoos. From there a ground swell of tattoo artists emerged and even Mum and Granny were in line for a tattoo to express a heartfelt sentiment. Gladly, not all of them were this ill-advised! The naysayers shook their heads and made sure their friends and family members were made aware that tattoos are permanent and they will be sorry someday. There was a slew of home remedies tried to remove tattoos which included honey, lemon juice and combinations of household products but the results were mostly disappointing. The naysayers were right and now the smart money was on whomever could come up with a method for safe effective removal. The hunt was on not just in the UK but around the world for the best laser tattoo removal method.

Tattoo removal methods used over time

Different methods have been used in the past to remove tattoos including surgery, freezing and chemical peels. The laser predecessors to Pico tattoo removal were known as Q-switched nanosecond lasers and they offered better results with less risk of skin damage. However, the tattoo was meant to be permanent so sometimes people had to be content with, at best, a fading of colour instead of complete removal. Many were left with “ghosting” which is lighter skin where the tattoo was removed. Some colours just could not always be removed. Then came picosecond lasers with enough high-powered energy to treat all colours without damaging skin. Not all lasers are equally effective and the success of treatments lies both in the type of laser selected, and in the skill and experience of the tattoo removal technician.

What is the best method of tattoo removal?

Here at Epilight New Skin Clinic we use Discovery PICO which is known as the world’s most powerful laser used for tattoo removal. It delivers trillionth of a second pulses. Our extensive experience confirms this is the best laser for tattoo removal and our laser technicians are highly skilled in its use. The speed and power of Pico tattoo removal is essential for results because of the way tattoos are created. The tattoo artist injects ink under the skin to create the tattoo. The tattoo is permanent because the injected ink droplets are too large to be expelled by the body through the skin pores. Our Discovery PICO is so powerful it blasts the ink to smithereens so small the body can expel them as it would any small foreign object. This is, by far, the best laser for tattoo removal because it’s effective on all colours, on all skin types and it’s safe on skin.


Benefits of PICO laser tattoo removal

  • It is ideal for all skin types
  • It is effective and accurate – requires 50-75% fewer treatments than other laser treatments.
  • All ink colours can be removed – breaks down the most stubborn tattoo ink colours
  • It is a permanent tattoo removal method – the results are final
  • Scarring is rare – very low risk of scarring, including tissue damage of the area surrounding the tattoo.

How long does PICO tattoo removal take?

PICO tattoo removal needs usually just 6 treatments. This of course, will depend on the colour of the tattoo. It is likely that you will need a treatment once every 4-6 weeks to ensure the effective removal of your tattoo. Generally treatments are 4-6 weeks apart, and this is to allow for skin recovery and also the physiological processes to eliminate the ink from the tissue. Treatment times can be reduced by up to 30% compared to other tattoo removal methods.  All treatable tattoo colours, including reds, greens and blues can be removed using this revolutionary system.

Will my tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Many patients have described and compared the feeling of laser tattoo removal to what it feels like when getting a tattoo. It is however, very fast.

Why use PICO tattoo removal?

No other tattoo removal laser device removes more tattoo colours safely and efficiently than Discovery PICO! It’s the best tattoo removal method on the market.

Effective tattoo removal at Epilight Skin Clinic

It is our practice at Epilight to be in on the very latest technology for skin treatments as soon as they are proven safe and effective. PICO tattoo removal laser technology is the best in the industry. Other lasers frequently in use by others offering tattoo removal pulse 1000 times slower than the PICO. That requires the laser to be in contact with your skin much longer. That increases the risk of skin damage dramatically and the results are not consistent with the Discovery PICO. It is the most powerful tattoo removal system in the world, yet it is the most gentle on your skin. Considered the safest method of tattoo removal in the world, it massively reduces the risk of injury to your skin, including a substantially reduced risk of burning, blisters or scarring.

Why not contact us at Epilight to schedule a consultation for tattoo removal using the best laser for tattoo removal? Not only will you receive the safest and most effective treatments but you will likely need fewer treatments compared to older technology.

Ring Epilight New Skin Clinic on 0151 709 0099 for Pico tattoo removal using the best laser for tattoo removal to date.

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