Laser Tattoo Removal in Preston

Laser Tattoo Removal in PrestonIf you’re regretting being inked, get laser laser tattoo removal in Preston done by our experts at Epilight. There may be any number of reasons why you’d want a tattoo removed. Perhaps you’ve had the initials or name of an ex tattooed when your relationship was in its salad days. Perhaps your tattoo is unsuitable now that you’re older and need to land a corporate job. Maybe the tattoo simply isn’t you anymore. Getting a tattoo removed safely and completely is a huge concern. There are hundreds of small outfits in back-alleys, run by inexperienced, untrained amateurs, who may offer a cheap, quick removal. But you could end up with serious side-effects. The tattoo removal site could become a location for infections if the procedure is not performed in sterile, hygienic conditions. Hyper-pigmentation and scarring on the tattoo site are other potential hazards. There may be textural changes in your skin, pain, blistering, crusting, or pinpoint hemorrhaging.

At Epilight, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and hygiene. In Preston, laser tattoo removal procedures done by us use the new high powered “cool chilled” laser. This is fast, gentle on your skin and effective. Many clinics and beauty salons offer tattoo removal, but they may use just a single laser. We know that a single laser is ineffective in removing different colours and types of inks. This requires multiple types of laser, which we have in our clinic. Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body’s natural immune system to break down. Our lasers safely and effectively break them down into smaller particles that are then absorbed into the system.

While selecting the right facility for laser tattoo removal in Preston, take the time and effort to do your own research. Keep information about the size, age and location of your tattoo ready before you talk to technicians in salons and clinics. Choose a facility that has the experience and expertise in removing your kind of tattoo. Contact Epilight today for more information about our tattoo removal services. In the initial consultation, we will ensure that you feel comfortable and that you’re given detailed information on risks, and pricing.

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