Tattoo Removal in Southport

Tattoo Removal in SheffieldBefore getting a tattoo removal in Southport, there are several things to take into consideration. First, you have to understand that some tattoos may not disappear completely, and live a ghost image behind. It’s best to talk to a few experts in order to understand just how much of the tattoo can be removed. In some cases, it may be best to go with a cover up instead of a removal. It might also take multiple treatments, depending on the tattoo. The number can be anywhere from 6 to many more sessions.

If you are in Southport, tattoo removal treatments are handled by the most qualified experts in the industry. Each session requires a downtime period, in order to avoid skin irritation and open wounds. This downtime can be anywhere from four to eight weeks. Location is also important to the end result. The closer a tattoo is to the heart, the better the circulation, and thus better results. The ankle for example, is particularly bad place for laser tattoo removal. You then have to take into consideration whether the tattoo was done professionally or not. Professional tattoos are deeper into the skin level and they are more saturated with ink, which makes them much harder to remove.

There are several treatments when it comes to tattoo removal in Southport. Lasers have different wavelengths in order to remove different colours. PicoSure operates on three different wavelengths, but in some cases, additional colours may require a combination of treatments. Once the treatment is done, there are several symptoms which you may encounter, including swelling, blisters, redness, temporary darkening and bleeding. Some side effects include longer lasting darkening or lightening of the skin for up to 12 months, scars, buns and textural changes of the skin. To find out more, contact Epilight today. We perform laser treatments and are able to guide you through the process beforehand. Having invested in what is regarded as the industry’s gold standard of laser for tattoo removal, we can provide an effective and safe method of removing an unwanted tattoo. The laser breaks down the ink into much smaller particles so that the body can dispose of them naturally.

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