Tattoo Removal in Southport

Tattoo Removal in LeedsIf you are regretting your tattoo and want reliable and quick tattoo removal in Southport, you have a wide range of treatments to choose from. The important thing to remember when it comes to tattoo removal is that there are different techniques and not all of them are as effective as you might think. Laser treatment is widely recognised as the gold standard in tattoo removal but there are some elements of this process that you need to understand as well. Firstly, no single laser can remove any and all kinds of tattoos – this is due to the different colours and inks used on your skin. A single laser cannot cater to all kinds of ink-colour combinations so if you are undergoing laser treatment, you need to ensure that it is the kind that will remove your entire tattoo, properly and permanently.

In Southport  a tattoo removal service can be found at Epilight New Skin Clinic. Epilight New Skin Clinic makes use of a power laser chill cooled technique which has shown excellent results in removing tattoos of all kinds and colours. This treatment process involves a high power laser system that combines two kinds of lasers used for removing dark blue, black, grey and white ink as well as to remove red, purple, orange, green and brown ink. Short pulses of this laser are passed through the skin, over the tattooed area, breaking down the ink particles.

The concept behind laser tattoo removal in Southport, is that the tattoo ink is too large at a molecular level for the body to break it down efficiently. What the Epilight New Skin Clinic’s laser system does is it breaks down the tattoo ink particles into smaller, more manageable proportions for the body to dispose naturally. Depending on whether you’re looking to cover up your tattoo or get rid of it permanently, your treatment duration will vary. If you would like to find out more about the treatment process on how to remove the unwanted tattoo, contact Epilight New Skin Clinic today.


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