Patient Testimonials*


“With a significant birthday approaching, I have been researching different procedures with a view to preventing, rather than curing further signs of ageing. After visiting some of the larger cosmetic companies in Manchester and Liverpool I eventually visited the Epilight Clinic a month ago. Linda immediately put me at ease and talked me through all of my concerns and questions.

I was astounded by the immediate change that was achieved within minutes of my Ultherapy treatment. I have friends who ask me ‘what has changed’ and I am excited to recommend Linda and Epilight Clinic to them. I had no downtime and felt so relaxed with Linda that I enjoyed being in the chair.

In addition to Ultherapy, I prescribed to a course of Clear Lift laser skin resurfacing, I have blocked pores under the surface of my skin that sometimes flare up and I have a consistent ‘bumpiness’ that no facial scrub or cream can clear. I honestly was not prepared for the results I felt in my skin within a week of having Clear Lift. I am now more confident with no make up on, I haven’t had a breakout since my first Clear Lift and can see and feel the difference in my skin.

On my holiday last week I avidly used Factor 50 to ‘protect my investment’ as recommended by Linda and on return my skin is still glowing and people (even strangers) comment on it. I cannot recommend this treatment enough, you won’t regret it. Sam – Ultherapy & Clear Lift

“I was very happy and impressed with the service. All the staff were lovely and friendly. We were dealt with in a very professional manner. Thank you!”- Louise Edinburgh -Ultherapy, Lip Filler and Clear Lift

“Everything was fabulous! we arrived very apprehensive as we are newbies at these types of treatments. I don’t think it could have been made a more positive experience. Now planning my next visit and treatments – All the way from Edinburugh.” – Lesley Edinburgh – Ultherapy, cheeks and lip enhancement
“Morning Linda. Just wanted to send you a picture to compare to the last ones I sent you. I HAVE MY JAW LINE BACK! NOT A JOWL IN SIGHT .I waited to message cuz I keep thinking its swelling and will go back, but I’m so happy. Every day it was upsetting me and now I have peace! It’s back to how it was a good ten years ago, very happy indeed, thankyou xxxxxxx” – Emma – Ulthera
“Always professional and friendly”- Susan
“Treatment produces good results and staff are great!” – Jo
“I was impressed by the care and attention to detail in the treatments. A very warm welcome everytime. I would have no hesitation in recommending Epilight New Skin to others who are interested in maintaining their appearance.” – Marianna
“Currently mid-treatment for tattoo removal, results so far are excellent and today I was particularly pleased with the care and treatment. I will recommend to my friends.” – Sarah
“Really happy with the results, feels like skin is more youthful will be coming back very soon.” – Olga
“Very Pleased with services. Treated nice by staff members.” – Maria
“All Staff are lovely, feel comfortable” – Vera
“Staff are always happy and helpful.  Thank you.” – Diane
“Love a treatment by Linda, Thanks!” – Jane
“I do not think that this clinic could improve in any way! Linda is perfect and always willing to answer any questions. First class and always make your visit special this clinic, management and staff are first class.” – Mayroon
“Staff are very friendly and results are really good” – Linda

“Very pleased with thickness of hair on the crown, looking much thicker and people have commented on the colour. I would reccomend to anyone.” – Lynda

*results may vary from person to person

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Botox Reviews Liverpool

Botox reviews in Liverpool are an important way for you to determine the good, the bad and the ugly of cosmetic clinics in the region. Our registered aesthetic nurse has over 10 years experience and is passionate about what she does. We have many honest and reliable Botox reviews from the patient’s so that you can hear about their experiences and make an informed choice of botox clinic. 

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Our Laser Hair Removal reviews in Liverpool let you hear about patients experiences from Epilight New Skin clinic, located on Rodney Street, Liverpool city centre. These reviews provide honest opinions from our patients and their experiences. 

Utherapy Reviews Liverpool

Ultherapy reviews in Liverpool give honest patient experiences of their treatments with Ultrasound therapy at Epilight New Skin. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment that is FDA cleared for lifting of the skin on the neck, under the chin, on the face and brow. Ultherapy is now available at Epilight New Skin Clinic located on Rodney Street, Liverpool city centre.