I chose Ultherapy because my cosmetic doctor recommended it for me. It tightens the natural collagen in your skin, improves elasticity and it’s non-invasive. I think women today don’t really want to have surgery and it ticked all the boxes for me. 

It really tightens your less density in your skin every day. You know, you just want to feel good. Look good about Southern. If you feel good, your whole personality, it was brilliant. And you have a wonderful day.

It’s been three months since my Ultherapy treatment and I think my skin looks great. It’s given me so much confidence the way that every time I get up in the morning and look in the bathroom mirror, I sort of see my skin changing gradually, slowly. It’s become much firmer and tauter, especially around the mid-face.

Let me tell you a secret. I have a birthday coming up and I will be getting younger.