I really wanted to maintain, if not enhance what I have currently at 29, I don’t need too much work done and what I really want to do is invest in my collagen for the future and prevent any aging that I can at this point. My neck is something that as a young woman, you want to look glamorous and have your collarbones out and have a great jawline and so I really wanted to maintain, and if I can enhance that.

Oh, I feel fantastic. I feel like my skin looks much more taut and contoured. Everyone keeps telling me that my cheekbones are popping. So I’m really thrilled with the results. I wasn’t in any pain at all during the treatment, the nurses were lovely. They really looked after me.

In a couple of weeks, I’m off to Dubai with my other half and I can’t wait to get my sunglasses out and get on the beach and show off my new jawline.

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