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Dermal Fillers in Liverpool – Long Lasting Tear Through & Lip Fillers

Long lasting dermal fillers for naturally plumper lips, deep lines, wrinkles, lost facial volume, cheek & jawline definition, dry, lax looking skin and much more…

Treatment Starts From Just £299
Dermal Filler Prices Packages

Skin Rejuvenation Sale

Save ££££s on our amazing Dermal Filler Packages. Get in touch today on 0151 709 0099 to claim yours.

Packages Normal Price Sale Price
Lip Enhancement – 1.2ml (2 Product) £399 £299
Lip Enhancement – 1ml Belotero £399 £299
Marionette (Mouth to Nose) Lines – 1ml £399 £299
Peri-Oral Lines – 1ml £399 £299
Tear Trough (Under Eyes) – 1ml £399 £299
Jaw Contouring – 1.5ml Radiesse £399 £299
Hand Rejuvenation – 1.5ml Radiesse £399 £299
Cheek Enhancement & Volumisation – 1ml £399 £299
Cheek Enhancement & Volumisation – 2ml £599 £449
Liquid Face Lift – 3ml £799 £599
Further discounts available for combined treatment packages please call us for further details.

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The Art of Dermal Fillers

A youthful face is characterised by a balanced distribution of superficial and deep fat tissue supporting the dermis and keeping the skin taut and smooth.

As we age, the effects of atrophy and loss of facial fullness, loss of deep fat tissue, decreased tissue elasticity and gravity begin to change the way our facial features “sit”.

The gradual loss of underlying soft tissue support and fullness is responsible for the sagging, loose and lax skin we associate with ageing.

Thankfully dermal fillers are a simple, easy and safe treatment that can instantly re-add volume to your facial features and mimic the deep tissue supporting structure that has been lost over time, making your skin look smoother, healthier and younger.

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The Complete Anti-Ageing Treatment for

Lost Facial Volume, Lips, Smokers & Marionette Lines, Tear Troughs, Cheekbone & Jaw Definition, Hands & More...

No other treatment can instantly improve such a wide range of skin imperfections and add deep tissue support on the face and body, whilst also adding volume and enhancing your features making your skin look and feel younger and healthy. Take 10 years off with just 1 treatment.

Lips & Smokers Lines

Do you want soft, plump, kissable lips? If yes, then we can help, using new 2 stage dermal filler technology & techniques that provide an increase in volume and definition, giving lip plumping and lifting effects with the most natural results. 

Subtle, Natural Looking Definition & Shape

The true goal of lip fillers are results so natural looking that people may not even realise you have had them done – They Just Know You Look Absolutely Amazing!

  • BELOTERO® Lips is the first and only combination HA treatment for lip enhancement
  • Comprising two hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers, BELOTERO® Lips Shape and BELOTERO® Lips Contour both feature the patented CPM® technology for seamless integration into the skin
  • They are ideal to add or restore volume to thin lips and to sculpt and define lip contours, for natural-looking results
  • A personalised treatment with BELOTERO® Lips can add or restore natural-looking volume to lips, enhancing the curves and the contours to give more definition to a smile
  • BELOTERO® Lips Shape is used to volumise the body of the lip
  • BELOTERO® Lips Contour is used to create definition in the vermilion border

Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds

Lines that run between your nose and mouth, known nasolabial folds, become deeper and more pronounced as we age. These folds can create unflattering shadows that make us appear older.

Dermal Fillers are used to smooth the appearance of these nasolabial folds, instantly smoothing the contours of the face, giving us a more youthful appearance.

Downturned lines around your mouth, known as Marionette lines, can greatly effect the appearance of our face, sometimes even making us look sad or angry and that can greatly affect how we are perceived by ourselves and others.

Marionette lines are a natural result of ageing and gravity but thankfully that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. After Dermal Filler treatment, lines and wrinkles around corners of the mouth are instantly smoother and less pronounced giving us a natural, more welcoming smile.

Your smile and your mouth says a lot about you to the people around you, when those stubborn lines begin to develop and deepen as we age, don’t let them distract from your amazing smile. If you are concerned about nasolabial folds or marionette lines then Dermal Fillers may be the perfect treatment for you. Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Facial Volume Enhancement

3D Liquid Face Lift

Our brand new 3D Liquid Face Lift treats from the foundation to the dermis to help combat these signs of aging.

Using a combination of 5 products, we offer 3 levels of 3D lifting and volume restoration for the face. Restoring your natural, younger and fresher facial features, recreated artistically by our expert nurse with over 12 years continuous experience

The special art of administering fillers focus on recreating balance, symmetry and restoring your natural, youthful facial V.

The V effect is the best solution to restoring a more youthful look. Instead of treating individual wrinkles and folds, the face requires re-volumisation and re-hydration in order to lift the face back outwards closer to its natural position and to smooth and firm your skin and features.

When your face has regained its more youthful looking smooth ‘V’ shape, any lines, shadows, sagging and hollows naturally reduce and become less visible. Your skin will be glowing and luminous and you will look lifted, rejuvenated, fresh and natural.

Chin & Jawline Definition

A strong chin and jawline are key components of a youthful, attractive face for women and men. If your chin lacks projection and your jawline is not defined, it can cause the appearance of heavy cheeks, jowls and even a double chin.

The jawline, jaw angle and chin define the lower face, providing a visual separation from the neck. These key areas help to frame the face and provide a face shape, this can determine how masculine or feminine your face looks.

We specialise in jawline and chin contouring using Dermal Fillers to sculpt and define contours that suit your facial features, which gives an overall youthful, attractive look.

What to consider for the chin? The chin is the main focal point of the lower face and plays an important role in defining an over all facial shape, which in turn can give either a masculine or feminine look. Your chin shape, width and projection are determined by underlying bone structure and don’t always match the type of face shape we would like to have. Thankfully with a few minor adjustments using Dermal Fillers, we can dramatically improve and define the contours of your chin to create the look that you desire.

What should we consider about the Jawline? The jawline frames the face, providing visual separation from the neck. Using Dermal Fillers we can give shape and definition to the Jawline, perfectly framing your face and giving a youthful appearance and reducing the appearance of jowls, double chins and giving better overall shape to the whole face.


RADIESSE is the first filler deemed safe and effective by the FDA to correct lost volume in hands. Volume loss can make your hands look old, Veins and tendons begin to appear from loss of volume in the skin.


Restoring Lost Volume and Minimizing the Visibility of Veins, Wrinkles and Tendons Giving a Smooth Natural Result.

Get Immediate Results That Last

In just one treatment, RADIESSE can instantly restore volume to enhance the appearance of your hands, reducing the appearance of veins, wrinkles lines and tendons.

Our hand and facial fillers work instantly to add volume under the skin and to boos the underlying supporting structure of the tissue but the benefits of RADIESSE also continue over time by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen production.

We offer the most competitive Dermal Filler packages & prices in the UK

Dermal Filler Prices & Packages

Save ££££s on our amazing Dermal Filler Packages. Get in touch today on 0151 709 0099 for a FREE Consultation.

Package Price
Lip Enhancement – 1ml £399
Marionette (Mouth to Nose) Lines – 1ml £399
Peri-Oral Lines – 1ml £399
Tear Trough (Under Eyes) – 1ml £399
Chin Augmentation & Contouring POC
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation) POC
Jaw Contouring – 1.5ml Radiesse £399
Hand Rejuvenation – 1.5ml Radiesse £399
Cheek Enhancement & Volumisation – 1ml £399
Cheek Enhancement & Volumisation – 2ml £599
Liquid Face Lift – 3ml £799
Liquid Face Lift – 4ml £999
Further discounts available for combined treatment packages please call us for further details.

Award Winning, Long Lasting Dermal Fillers for You!

We use the very best, award winning products on the market combined with our expert knowledge of the facial anatomy, that is why our dermal fillers give a long lasting and truly natural result. At Epilight New Skin Clinic, we use only “top of the range” longer lasting dermal filler products.

It is so important, when having facial fillers, that the correct products and procedures are chosen for you as an individual. The skill and knowledge of the medical practitioner carrying out these treatments is an often over looked but vital part of these treatments.

To be able to recommend and carry out the best treatment for each individual, practitioners must be highly trained and dedicated to their art, constantly up-dating their techniques, expertise and artistry and they must have a real understanding of the science and symmetry of facial anatomy in order to re-create the natural balance and restore the more youthful contours to your features making you look instantly younger and refreshed.

Full Face Dermal Fillers
Radiasse Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Instant Volumisation and Facial Corrections

Dermal fillers could improve the way you look, feel and boost your confidence in minutes. We all lose facial volume as we age due to loss of hydration from within our tissues and skin. This is because we lose HA (Hyaluronic Acid) as we age, Hyaluronic acid (HA) is our skin’s natural moisturiser, it binds water which moisturises the skin and provides tightness.

Over time, its natural production decreases and skin loses its elasticity and firmness. It is important to replace this HA (Hyaluronic Acid) if we wish to keep looking and feeling our healthy and youthful best.

For naturally younger, healthier looking skin, our range of lip & dermal fillers can naturally add volume to your skin and replace lost HA (Hyaluronic Acid) that keeps our skin supple. It is thought that we lose HA (Hyaluronic Acid) at a rate of around 1% per year during the course of our lives and HA naturally binds 1000s of times its own weight in water within the tissues and skin, keeping it hydrated. So you can see why replacing your HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is so important if you would like to keep your skin looking luminous, radiant and youthful!

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Everything You Need to Know

Dermal Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about Dermal Filler Treatments.

If you have any other questions or would just like to have a chat with our Anti-Ageing experts about the treatments we offer please call us today on 0151 709 0099 for a chat over the phone or to book a FREE consultation

Following your FREE consultation and you are happy to proceed, treatment typically takes around 30 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated.

Dermal fillers are normally well tolerated by everyone however, the BELOTERO® range is available with Lidocaine which is an anesthetic which helps reduce possible feeling discomfort.

If you are particularly concerned about possible discomfort please discuss this with our aesthetic nurse during your consultation as we have other methods to reduce discomfort such as numbing creams.

You can return to normal activities straight away.

There is little downtime following treatment, however, we recommended that you should try to avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours after treatment and avoid exposure to excessive heat, UV rays, sun bed etc. or prolonged exposure to the sun for up to 2 weeks after treatment.

The properties of the dermal fillers we use allow for quick even spreading into your tissue. There may be some slight bumpiness or swelling immediately after treatment but this typically resolves itself in around 24 hours. You may also feel some itchiness in the treated area but this will also resolve itself quickly.

Yes, the aesthetic results are immediate and continue to improve with time thanks to promotion of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen production.

We only use the very best, long lasting dermal filler products, however we are all individual and unique so there may be slight differences from person to person.

Our long lasting dermal fillers can last, depending on the area treated, up to 12 to 18 months.

Our dermal filler products are based on hyaluronic acid, a natural component found in the skin so are generally well tolerated with minimal side effects.

In some rare instances, there may be some injection related reactions such as redness, slight swelling, itching or bruising at the injection site. These reactions are completely normal and resolve themselves quickly.

At your consultation, you should inform our aesthetic nurse if you are currently taking any medication or if you have any allergies, especially to mediations or lidocaine (the anesthetic) and they will advise you on any potential risk.

Please don’t be afraid to ask our aesthetic nurse any questions  you may have, she is more than happy to help and your safety, comfort and best interests are her first priority.

Why Choose Epilight New Skin

As one of the first medical aesthetic clinics on Rodney Street, and Liverpool, opening in 1999, we have over 2 decades of experience and expertise providing the very best non-surgical cosmetic treatments for you.

Combined with our dedication to the advancement and improvement of the treatments we offer, we are constantly updating our training, treatments and devices so that we offer the very best and latest, cutting edge, proven non-surgical treatments that the industry has to offer.

At Your Consultation

All patients are advised to have a face-to-face consultation before making an appointment to undergo this procedure. During your consultation we will analyse and assess your skin, chat about your desires and explain the best treatment options available for you to achieve your goals.

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