Ultherapy in Manchester

Ultherapy in ManchesterIf you would like to look younger without surgery then Ultherapy in Manchester is for you. This FDA proven ultra sound facial lifting and skin tightening technique for the face, neck, chest and décolletage is simply astounding. The benefits are apparent from the outset and over the following months become even more apparent. The machine is applied over the parts of your face and chin that need tightening. The sound waves are concentrated deep within your skin structure to promote collagen regeneration.  This machine is unique in its class and is the only one that precisely targets the exact layers in the skin to get the best results. Our therapists are all fully qualified and know how best to treat your skin to allow you to age gracefully.

Getting rid of wrinkles is every ones ambition as we all want to look younger than we are. In Manchester, Ultherapy is quick and easy and can be carried out during your lunch hour. Everyone has different skin types and thicknesses and the Ulthera machine has real time ultrasound to precisely tailor and customise your own Ultherapy treatment. This is what gives the unrivalled results that make our customers so happy. You can see the difference in your skin during the treatment as it works almost instantly although the skin improves even more as the collagen regenerates. You will be looking younger and younger for the next few months.

We offer Ultherapy in Manchester to help you look and feel younger by tightening up the facial skin and promoting collagen growth. Contact Epilight today and book an appointment with one of our highly qualified therapists. For over two decades we have cared for our client’s skin and have researched all the latest treatments to offer the most effective to our customers. We use the latest tried and tested methods to ensure healthier and younger looking skin. No matter how old you are we can have you looking years younger with an appropriate treatment. Surgical procedures are often not necessary to lift and tighten your skin and there is always a danger when having surgery.

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