Ultherapy in Sefton

Ultherapy in SeftonUltherapy in Sefton using Ultherapy Amplify 2 is even better than the original for lifting the skin for a more youthful appearance for the brow, face, chin and neck.This procedure now tightens the skin to 3 depths through 3 layers of tissue. That means at Epilight, our technicians can use this non-invasive therapy at the same depth, down to the muscles and dermis where the a plastic surgeon would seek to tighten in a surgical face lift. Sound too good to be true? Well, it gets better because this one Ultherapy Amplify 2 is the only non-invasive laser treatment approved, not once but 4 times, by the FDA a effective for lifting and tightening the skin. The treatment also generates the regeneration of deep facial tissues, allowing new collagen to form, which in itself is essential to youthful skin.

No other ultrasound therapy is so precise and enables us to customise your treatment to the exact depth specific to you. There is no guesswork in Sefton Ultherapy with Ultherapy Amplify 2. We can actually see the skin layers when we use this scientifically backed technology. So many things in life contribute to the ageing process. It’s not just time and gravity but also damage from the environment, stress, illness, poor nutrition and smoking. New Ultherapy Amplify 2 can target this damage as well. Ultrasound has been used in medicine for over half a century and has been proven safe for use by specifically trained and experienced professionals. Those are the only kind of technicians we have at Epilight.  

Ultherapy in Sefton undertaken by our staff, using only Ultherapy Amplify 2 is the only ultrasound method backed by the FDA as safe and effective. There are other therapies that use ultrasound but don’t confuse them with Ultherapy Amplify 2. They are not the same, have not been FDA approved, may not be safe and are not likely to be effective. Contact Epilight and schedule a free consultation with one of our staff. We will evaluate the condition of your skin and explain the procedure to you. We want you to know how it works and what to expect. Everyone is different and the ultrasound therapy is customised to each individual.

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