Ultherapy in St Helens

Ultherapy in BirminghamEpilight clients have embraced Ultherapy in St Helens as their preferred treatment for facial wrinkles and sagging. The treatments should be extended to include crepey neck skin and wrinkled décolletage for a full frontal appearance that is more youthful. We may not stop ageing but we can slow it down. Ultherapy is one treatment among many we offer at our clinic. The treatment uses ultrasound waves precisely targeted to trouble areas of the skin. This therapy reaches through all the layers of skin all the way to the bone; something no other non-surgical treatment can do. Other non surgical treatments reach only the upper layers of your skin. Therefore, more than one layer of collagen is stimulated to regenerate plumping the skin and smoothing the wrinkles. The doctor also uses ultrasound to locate the weak areas so treatment is targeted.

We all want to look younger but most of us don’t want invasive surgical procedures or expensive but ineffective treatments that promise miracles but don’t deliver. In St Helens, Ultherapy is administered at Epilight by medical professionals skilled in its administration. Include Ultherapy with some of our other skin treatments to achieve greater benefits.  Ultherapy is proven effective for lessening the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin. The treatment carries the FDA seal of approval. We need to stress that only Ultherapy treatments are FDA approved for effectiveness. Don’t be fooled by a technician with an ultrasound machine.

Ultherapy in St Helens is safe and effective in the hands of skin technicians. All treatments are overseen by a doctor of cosmetic dermatology. Ultherapy treatments skilfully uses sound waves to achieve lifting and tightening of skin. It has proven effective around the eye area improving drooping lids or under eye bags. It’s not painful and there is no downtime. One treatment lasting one hour will show significant improvement with increased improvement over the next three months. That is your body repairing itself.  After 12 months you might want a refresher treatment. Contact Epilight and schedule your consultation today.  Ultherapy facelifts are the perfect solution for today’s busy women.

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