Virtually Painless Laser Hair Removal For Every Skin Colour

Wow:- A Powerful Hair Removal Laster that feels like a Hot Stone Massage™ and treats white & black skin Choice and versatility – The new Soprano XL arrives at Epilight NEW SKIN clinic.

Laser Hair removal has been our specialist subject for over 15 years, here at the Epilight NEW SKIN clinic, we are the experts! We are proud to continue to lead the way with new technology, providing what we believe is the best choice for our clients needs. We can offer a choice of 3 different types or methods of laser hair removal or a combination of all the different technologies to achieve the best possible results and outcome.

Pain-Free, Hair-FreeWe are proud to add to that choice with the brand new Soprano XL Diode, IN MOTION. Currently, its the most advanced technology in laser hair removal, providing for everyone, regardless of skin type and skin colour the opportunity to experience the long term benefits of laser treatment for permanent hair reduction.

Ticks all your boxes!

Tried and tested in the USA and now Europe it has proven to be the most versatile, the safest, quickest, most effective and virtually painless way of getting rid of unwanted hair. Now even sensitive body areas can be treated more comfortably, as the gentle, sweeping, paintbrush and massage technique is so kind to the skin. It also means that hair removal procedures are now fewer and shorter in duration and can give even better results than ever before.

Fast Results

Fewer visits = more economical = Painless to your pocket too!

Before / After

The Safest Laser on The Market For Black Skin

Pain Free: More Effective Laser That Treats White And Black Skin

Most patients seem to need fewer treatments than with older lasers, saving you money with fewer trips and treatments needed than with other lasers and other methods.

How is it done?

The massage or sweeping technique of the laser heats and destroys the targeted hair follicles deep within the skin with powerful pulses of laser energy which are felt as a warm sensation but which gradually build until all the targeted follicles are destroyed permanently and can no longer produce new hair. Amazingly, this is done with virtually no pain or discomfort. As the laser is constantly rotating and in movement, coupled with the inbuilt dual chiller designed to ensure that the skin is kept cool and comfortable.

Many clients have commented that this hair removal procedure feels like a ‘hot stone massage’ Every part of the body can use this hair removal procedure including the face, neck, bikini-line, legs, stomach, buttocks, arms and back.

Treats unwanted hair on every skin type, faster, more safely, more successfully and usually in fewer sessions.

Proven success even with what once would have been “the most difficult to treat cases” with other methods and other lasers:-

Great success with coarse hair and even the finest vellous hair on all the skin types including:

Black Skin, Asian Skin Tanned Skin, White Skin, Sensitive Skin, Dark Hair, Fair Hair, Red Hair, Mixed Hair.

With the excellent feed back we get from clients we are extremely proud to offer the PAIN FREE HAIR FREE option provided only by the new Soprano XL in motion laser

Safety is the Key

Our laser hair removal procedures are suitable for every skin type, white, dark, tanned and black skin. You will see permanent results in very few sessions. People worldwide turn to laser hair removal treatment for convenience and simplicity, to feel more comfortable and confident in everyday life its one of the most tried and tested treatments in the medical industry today.

Epilight NEW SKIN hair removal points to remember

  • Its long-lasting
  • Painless ,no other hair removal laser compares for comfort, safety & effectiveness.
  • Extremely quick – usually treated in under an hour!
  • Can be used for any body area on men and women
  • Available for white and black skin and most hair types
  • Outperforms other lasers and other methods
  • More economical than you may think
  • Personal care in complete confidence.
  • Pleasant and informal approach where the clients needs always come first.
  • Sensitive area like Bikini or Brazillian Bikini. Fast, easy & painless